About this wikiACH8826.JPGThis is primarily a knowledge, resource, and experience building wiki designed to allow teachers and early childhood educators to remotely share, discuss, probe, and politely challenge our classroom discoveries about spatial learning in Kindergarten in Ontario.The main purpose of the group itself is to co-create and implement a collaborative inquiry focusing on the development of spatial reasoning among 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children through intentional educator interaction strategies during (and which promote) spatial toy play (e.g., wooden unit blocks, magnetic shapes, puzzles, interlocking plastic bricks, Tetris-like games) in the kindergarten classroom which will positively improve student learning and permanently change our teaching practice.
We plan to use this wiki to:
  • Announce, schedule, and discuss events in our news feed at the bottom of this page,

  • Create inquiry projects -- with optional start and end dates -- for topic areas, and,

  • Collect and store our knowledge, experiences, files, and discoveries.

To access the information, articles, links, spatial learning developmental continuua, and videos on this wiki, please click on one of the topics on the grey navigation bar (i..e., panel, pane) at right. Please feel free to download and use the resources on this site. We also welcome your additions. Want to read something short but informative about spatial reasoning?
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Feel free to post information, resources, links, observations, practical classroom strategies, provocations to learning (including materials, changes to classroom set up, other changes to the environment, videos, storybooks, student work samples), examples and/or analysis of student work study and pedagogical documentation, book reviews or comments about books, lists of resources and ideas, your own inquiries, or anything else you might find helpful. Feel free to add to information, refine it, and/or revise it.

*** In respect of the privacy of children and their families, please be sure to comply with all provincial and federal privacy laws if you post photographs of students or their work. i.e., Please make sure that the students and their work cannot be identified by name and that they cannot be recognized by their faces Please ensure their faces are blurred or concealed in some way.